About Us

Since 1993, The Will Group have been helping people in Wales and England to protect their dependents from some of the stress and uncertainty which happens when a loved one dies.

We are the premier specialist Will Advisors in this region, with many hundreds of satisfied clients.  The Will Group have only achieved this position by being thoroughly professional and discrete in all of their dealings with clients.

Quite simply, through focusing on the area of Will Writing and Will Storage, our knowledge and expertise will ensure peace of mind.

Putting off writing a will is one of the easiest things to do – however to die “intestate” can cause all sorts of problems for those you love and have left.

To help overcome this, The Will Group have developed a process which is straight forward to understand, easy to complete, and very affordable.

This is all done in the comfort of your own home.

Step one –
A phone call is all that is needed to arrange a meeting, in your home or office, with our specialist Will Writing Consultant.

Step Two –
Our Consultant will meet with you for about an hour to guide you through your instruction form and answer any questions that you might have.

Step Three –
Once back in the office, your draft will be processed and a copy forwarded to you, any further queries can be dealt with over the telephone.

Step Four –
Your printed and bound Last Will & Testament is then delivered to you and the witnessing of this important document is supervised.  If you have asked us to securely store this for you, a copy will be left with you for your records.

And that is it!

Four easy steps to a lifetime of peace of mind.

The Will Group will write to you every year and ask you to review your draft copy Will.  Any amendments are then done FREE OF CHARGE provided we are storing your Will for you.*

* A small annual fee is charged for this service.


Steve major (t) 01656 728423 (e) enquiries@willgroupwales.com