Did You Know

Every individual over the age of eighteen should have a Will, whether or not they are rich or poor, male or female, single or married. Here are some reasons why:
  • A Family can suffer acute financial hardship because of the delays in dealing with the estate of a person who has not made a Will, these delays can often run into years.
  • The estate of anyone who has died as a result of an accident will almost certainly benefit from a substantial court or insurance claim, much or all of which could go to the wrong people.
  • Thousands of small heirlooms and treasures are lost to the auction rooms every year because no one can decide who should have them. Your Will protects your heritage.
  • Banks, Building Societies and Insurance Companies hold millions of pounds belonging to people who are almost certainly dead-because their families are not aware a Will exists
  • Family arguments nearly always arise over who should get personal belongings and what type of funeral should be arranged, it is unfair to thrust theses decisions upon a grieving family.
  • Millions of pounds are unnecessarily paid in Inheritance Tax (death duties) because a Will has not been drawn up.
  • Hospitals lose the opportunity to make use of valuable organs for transplant because no one is sure of the wishes of the deceased person.
  • Most people would rather their money went to a Charity than to the taxman if they have no one to leave it to, this can only happen through a Will.
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